You do have human rights

We all have human rights

But what are human rights?

Is your life in danger? Are there threats to your security and peace of mind, or to those you love or care about?

This website teaches human rights. You will learn what human rights are, why they are important, how to make sure you are safer, that your human rights are respected, and that life is more civilized and less chaotic.

We all have a sense of what is fair and just. During World War 2, the death and destruction and brutal treatment of minorities horrified the world, and leaders of all the countries got together and agreed on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to make sure the same horrors never happened again, but they are still happening in many parts of the world. They should be taught in every school in every country.

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You know when your human rights are being respected …

  • you feel safe and fairly treated
  • you can move around freely
  • you can be yourself, think your own thoughts and express them fully
  • you can join with friends and participate fully in the life of all your communities
  • you are free to be a leader to help the community to thrive
  • your living conditions are secure, comfortable, and sufficient for your needs.
  • in other words, you live in a free and fair world.

If your world is like that then great, you need to know human rights to keep it that way. If not, you need to know human rights to make life better for you and for others.

Knowledge is power!

Imagine a world without hunger and war, where people treat each other decently and live together in peace? That is a world where human rights are a reality.

Peaceful Planet Human Rights Education helps you create a freer and fairer world for yourself, your family, your communities and all the people living in all the countries of the world.

Sounds like a huge task, right? But there is a saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and we are going to make that first step together – Sign up to Know Your Human Rights

What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Well, just understanding the words is a good start:

Human – any man, woman, or child

Rights – those things which are morally or socially just, fair treatment

Universal – applies equally to everyone

Declaration – something that is stated or made known in an official or public way

The Universal Declaration is the moral backbone of good human rights treatment on this planet.  Sign up to Know Your Human Rights

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