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Know Your Human Rights

Learn your human rights. Protect yourself. Protect those you know. Protect everyone. Complete the course and share with others to earn commissions.

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I was amazed at how little I knew about even the basics of human rights. For example, the simple fact that they are written down and available to everyone. The concept that your right as a human is the same anywhere in the world is a huge eye opener. I was shocked at how many human rights are violated on a daily basis in every country across the globe. Violations of my own human rights, my next door neighbor, the tribe living on an unheard-of far off island, it's happening all the time.This course will empower many people and give them the strength to stand up against violations. Hopefully it will empower victims to reach out and choose a different and better circumstance for themselves, including women and children suffering violence and sexual abuse in the home or in their life. It also helps people to help others, having been educated about human rights they in turn can help others from a more knowledgeable stand point. This course helps us be more knowledgeable about our governments and how they violate our human rights every day.Personally, I feel changed and more inclined to stand up for myself and others having completed this course. The course structure is easy to follow and very well put together. You actually learn about human rights rather than just reading up on something that you easily forget. This is such valuable information. I highly recommend it! Thank you!!
Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

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